Custom Large Display Package

Custom Large Display Package

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Browse our site and add 24 different ornament designs to your cart.  You will receive 3 of each design.  

OR Choose 12 different designs split into sets of 3 Copper & 3 Patina.

Your total number of ornaments will be 72.


Purchase this option for our large table-top display @ $90.00.


We will offset the price of the display by the retail price ($14.99) of 6 additional ornaments.  ***Please message us as you check out with the 6 ornaments you'd like to add to your order!***

To Conclude:

With this option you will receive:
  • 72 ornaments 
  • 1 display @ $90.00
  • 6 ornaments @ -$90.00

Total price for 72 ornaments and large display: $630.00